Submission Guidelines for YuGen 2.0

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You can now send your submissions for YuGen: A digital magazine by Artists’ Syndicate.

Here are Submission Guidelines:

Submissions will be accepted for the following:

1. Fiction (Short stories. Word limit: 500-2000) 

2. Poems (3-20 lines or more) 

3. Essays (current affairs, philosophy, psychology, social issues etc. Word limit: 1000-2000) 

4. Reviews (Book reviews, TV shows, music, movies, character analysis etc. Word limit: 1000-2000) 

5. Spotlight (Artists, musicians, photographers, cartoonists etc. Word limit: 1000-2000) 

6. Photo Essay

7. Letters to editor (Word limit: Around 500)


  1. Typed in double spacing; font type: Calibre; font size: 12 pt
  2. The title of the article in 14 pt font size, bold, Calibre and centered.
  3. The name of the author in the following line, 12 pt font size, bold italics, and centered.
  4. Regarding submission for Photo-essay, send us 5-7 photos ( portrait sized only ) for consideration.

°Multiple entries for all categories are allowed. However, ONLY ONE entry among all the categories, will be selected per contributor.

°All entries need to be submitted in a word processor file saved as an *.doc, *.docx document.

°Submissions should be sent to [email protected] Subject line should contain the word ‘submission’ along with the month it is being submitted for and the kind of entry being sent (Fiction, Poetry, Review, Essay, Spotlight, Letters to editor etc). Please also enclose, within the body of the mail, a brief author bio of no more than 150 words and a passport sized photograph.

°Submitted work must NOT be previously published by any other publication, either digitally or in print. Works published on personal blogs and websites, however, are eligible for submission.

°Submitted work must be original.

°Please avoid sending entries that might be offensive to a particular gender/race/religion/ethnicity/sexual orientation, or are charged with a political agenda. If possible, also keep violence and sexually explicit content to a bare minimum.

°There may be editorial corrections or stylistic enhancements suggested to contributors for improving their entries. All changes will need to be finalised before an entry can be accepted for publication in the magazine. In case of a disagreement, the editors’ word will be final.

°Copyright of the work remains with the author. However, authors are requested to refrain from putting up entries selected for the latest issue on an online blog/page/website. In case a featured entry is already on their private blog, they are requested to take it down until the next issue is published.

°Reproducing and/or distributing the work featured in the magazine without the express permission of the editorial team at YuGen through any digital/print channels is not permitted.

°If a particular piece is published again, either by another publication or on an online blog/website, we request the courtesy of an acknowledgement stating that the piece was first published in YuGen.

°There is no monetary compensation provided to our contributors at the moment.

°In case a promising entry does not make the final cut for a particular issue, the editorial team may publish it in a subsequent issue.

For any queries regarding submission guidelines, get in touch with us!


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